Update – September 2, 2019 – 11 am

As Medha Patkar’s indefinite fast enters the 9th day, with the Union government or Madhya Pradesh government yet to take any concrete actions to meet the demands, reservoir waters have entered the Satyagraha, flooding nearly half of it. Having failed to rehabilitate 32,000 families, having violated the Tribunal Award and subsequent Supreme Court orders and in abject violation of all humanitarian and human rights norms, the governments have resorted to the most inhuman acts – to flush the people out of their villages. The Prime Minister is thrilled with the dam getting filled.

He should see the other side of the dam, to know what’s the cost of his ‘thrill’. People are determined. They refuse to cow down to these tactics of governments.

If you are raged by this, call up – convey your rage and ask them to ACT NOW!

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