Rome, Italy. Appeal ZERO EVICTIONS: Union tenants, CUB AND SGB AGAINST THE EVACUATION OF 40 thousand families in the Narmada Valley

PRESS RELEASE {Translated into English}

August 7, 2017

This morning Rudy Colongo from the Union Quinine, the Cub and Barbara Battista of the Sgb, handed a letter to Indian ambassador Mrs. Reenat Sandhu to ask the Prime Minister of India, the Head of the Government of Madhya Pradesh and the Supreme Court of India to stop the forcible eviction and the unfair flooding of Narmada Valley.

Supporting the hunger strike at the top of the 12 women led by the biologist and activist Medha Patkar, who has now entered a critical phase, and the 32-year-long struggle of Narmada Bachao Andolan against the authoritative decision of the Indian Prime Minister To close the dam of Sardar Sarovar, a project that destroys the environment and violates human rights. Rudy Colongo: “In the regions of India, the survival resource war has already begun for years.

We can not remain indifferent to this environmental disaster caused by the dams that continue to destroy the work and dignity of rural populations.

If the World Bank does not cease to fund these projects as of August 8, a clandestine ruling class will begin clearing up 40,000 people, some 200,000 people living in those areas and being submerged, without relocating.



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