Gujarat Police and State Govt. on spree to attack leaders of people’s movements, detained NBA protestors, Lakhan Musafir of Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti, and Jiku bhai and others of Kevadia Colony within last three days in separate incidents

Rally For The Valley ended on high spirit yesterday, people of Narmada Valley took pledge to face the brutal face of government and police forces against illegal submergence

Supporters from all over the country expressed solidarity with the people’s struggle and Narmada Bachao Andolan

Government and police officials crackdown on children, young activists and women participants of Rally for the Valley

Narmada Bachao Andolan filed detailed complaint with Nanpur police station, Alirajpur, MP

Madhya Pradesh Police denied to register FIR yesterday night against unlawful detention and crackdown by Gujarat Police

New Delhi | June 08, 2017: Rally for the Valley organized by Narmada Bachao Andolan starting from June 05, 2017, the world environment day to June 07, 2017 to expose the illegal submergence and forced eviction planned by Madhya Pradesh government in the upcoming  month of July, 2017 without providing the complete and just rehabilitation to the people of Narmada Valley. Hundreds of supporters from all the country, students from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, JNU, IIT, Hyderabad Central University, Jamia Milia Islamia, Shivaji Vidyapeeth, Azim Premji University, Delhi University and thousands of people of Narmada Valley were took part in the rally for three days.

Apart from well known social activist Medha Patkar prominent social activists, and leaders namely, Goldman Environmental Prize 2017 Winner Prafulla Samantara, Jasvinder Singh Kaur of Akhil Bhartiya Kisan Sabha, Gandhian activist Nita Mahadev from Gujarat Lok Samiti, Bhupendra Singh Rawat from Jan Sangharsh Vahini, Dr. Sunilam, Rajendra Ravi, Nanhu Prasad, Suniti SR, Madhuresh Kumar of NAPM, Aradhana Bhargava from Kisan Sangharsh Samiti were also participated in the rally. The rally started from Khalghat and travelled to Dharampuri, Semalda, Chhota Barda, Pipri, Nisarpur, Koteshwar.

On 7th June, 2017, the rally reached up to Gujarat Border from where it was going to Chimalkhedi Jeevanshala to meet the students and for a public meeting. But all this could not happen as Gujarat Police illegally stopped the rally at Relgha checkpost yesterday and detained all the leaders along with more than 150 people peacefully participating in the rally.

The police officials did not show any written orders when asked, why the protestors are being stopped from entering the border of an Indian State? The police officials could only respond to the question that the order came from higher authorities about which they could not show any written order. The protestors remained there and peacefully protesting against the illegal curfew raj of Gujarat Govt. and against the denial of fundamental constitutional rights. Later the police turned violent and detained all of the protestors, dragged women protestors, beaten up two children Kaamil and Hasim of Salsabeel Green School studying in 9th and 8th standard, among them Kaamil left injured with a possible fracture in his shoulder. Police also tried to run over their vehicle on two of the protestor, Aswathy and Rohit, young activists with NBA. Their legs left injured and because of police brutal attempt, Rohit left with fracture in his leg, which needs to be confirmed yet and Aswathy left with bruises on her calf muscle.

Gujarat police also attempted to separate Medha Patkar from other protestors and left remaining in the middle of nowhere. In the late evening they illegally taken all of them into Madhya Pradesh border and left all of them at Nanpur police station, Kukshi district, where some of the injured people got their MLC done. Police officials at Nanpur police station denied filing the FIR against Gujarat Police officials. After which Narmada Bachao Andolan filed a detailed complaint against illegal detention and police atrocities on the children, young activists and women members of the rally. Later in the hospital, the doctor came drunk after one hour of long wait in the night and slapped Rohit without any reason, also dragged other injured people in the process.

Narmada Bachao Andolan filed a detailed complaint with Nanpur police station and condemns the brutal and unconstitutional attack carried out by Gujarat Police. After killing of farmers in Mandsaur, it was another black day for the Indian constitution and judiciary of this country. The state is fiercely attacking the dissenting voices and violently trying to crush whatever comes in their way. For forcefully evicting the people from Narmada Valley, Madhya Pradesh Govt. has been planning to deploy more than 40,000 police forces in the next month.

In another incident, Lakhan Musafir of Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti, a member of National Alliance of People’s Movements, illegally detained for last three days by Gujarat Police. The police didn’t produce him before the magistrate within 24 hours and kept him at an unknown place. We condemn the police actions happening against the rule of law and the constitution of this country. Gujarat Govt. shamelessly violating the fundamental rights of people of the state and the country.

National Alliance of People’s Movements along with Narmada Bachao Andolan equivocally condemns the dangerous, unconstitutional, violent attack by Gujarat police and State govt. on participants of Rally for the Valley, and Lakhan Musafir, an activist with Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti. The movement will continue against the forceful and unlawful eviction planned by Madhya Pradesh in Narmada Valley. People of Narmada Valley also taken resolve to stand high and strong non-violently against all the Govt.’s violent attack on the people of Narmada Valley. We demands,

1) Immediate release Lakhan Musafir of Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti, illegally detained by Gujarat Police.
2) Immediately file an FIR against Gujarat Police based on the detailed complaint registered at Nanpur Police Station, Alirajpur, Madhya Pradesh.
3) Immediately suspend and take strict actions against the Doctor called to do the MLC in Prathamik Swasthya Kendra. He was drunk on the duty and harassed the injured.

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