Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting an Adivasi village Bhabara in Alirajpur District in M.P on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Martyr Chandrasekhar Azad. Even on this internationally celebrated Adivasi Day, the P.M. has no time to visit any one of the AdiVasi villages which faced into submergence and others yet to be submerged due to the Sardar Sarovar Project. There is no response to our letter in writing to him for dialogue which shows carelessness.
Come what may! The Satyagrahe including large number of Adivasis from hilly and plain areas are preparing their memos and applications on violations in R& R. The Adivasi Day is to be celebrated with themselves putting forth the analysis of Natural resources, the diversion and depletion at the cost of their life and livelihood. The Adivasis stand by and will take oath on the river bank of Narmada. Our letter to the Prime Minister four days ago requesting a dialogue is not even acknowledged which is self-explanatory.