People of Narmada valley shaved heads on the death of MP Government during Chunauti Dharna.


MP Government endorses bogus inauguration of incomplete Sardar Sarovar Project


Without complete and just rehabilitation, submergence of Narmada Valley is not acceptable


Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh | 14 September 2017:  After two- hour long debate and deliberation over facts, figures and claims, the hundreds of Sardar Sarovar displaced people coming from Narmada valley have landed on ‘Chunauti Dharna’ yesterday in Neelam Park, Bhopal.  On September 17, the prime Minister along with Chief Minister of BJP ruled states and with Sadhus will celebrate his birthday. Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh will also be present at the ceremony who has offered sacrifice of his own people living in Narmada Valley proving to be deadly for adivasis, farmers, dalits, workers, fisher people, artisans, women, children and others of Narmada Valley.

Today, 30 representatives of displaced peoples shaved their heads to show that government is dead for the common people. With this challenge, the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh, ‘Narmada River’, its fertile lands, river and 40000 families with diverse form of livelihood along with millions of cattle’s and trees is to be submerged.  The people of valley and their supporters will challenge the unjustified submergence being brought to them without proper rehabilitation by the Modi’s ceremony for political gains.  After returning from Bhopal, people will gather at Barda (near Anjad, District Badwani) where many religious places are in the submergence area which is not acknowledged in the government reports.

Last night in Nisarpur, Shivling of Shiva Temple at the banks Narmada tributary Uri-Baghni, has been uprooted by force despite opposition of the people of Narmada which has hurt the sentiments of devotees.  The rehabilitation sites are not yet equipped with adequate water, proper house plots, roads and basic amenities. So, thousands of families are still in the villages.

From 15 September, thousands of displaced people along with their supporters will protest in Chota Barda village against the plunder of water of Narmada River, its lands and forceful submergence of thousands of families by the Narendra Modi and Shivraj Singh Govt. in centre and state and we urge sensitive, thoughtful citizens to join and support the people of Narmada valley in their own way.


Medha Patkar, Devram Kanera, Kamal Yadav, Manju Behan, Shyama Machuara, Vijay Marola, Vinod Bhai, Dashrath Bhai, Rameshwar Bhilala, 

Kamendra Mandloi, Rohit Thakur, Sumit Bhai

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