News on Senior Activist Medha Patkar is Partial and Misleading


The news about the defamation case by V. K. Saxena filed against Medha Patkar on July 9th  2018 before Saket court, New Delhi is partially reported without full investigation, as also with an intention to further defame a senior activist who has been questioning the corporate loot of natural resources, such as the Narmada waters.

The main fact which is missed, deliberately so, is that the complainant in this criminal case is none else but the then-CEO of Adani’s Dholera project in Gujarat. This project during his tenure was embroiled in the controversy related to flaws and fraud related to land acquisition process which was politically supported by the Gujarat government.

He is the one who always tried to defame Narmada Bachao Andolan in order to give a push to Sardar Sarovar Dam at any cost, even without rehabilitation of thousands of Adivasi farmers and other families. The Sardar Sarovar waters were then demanded and now drawn by such projects while not only the farmers of Gujarat but also the drought-affected areas are deprived of their due share. This being questioned by NBA it is obvious that the corporate/ political vested interests always tried to challenge NBA in which a person like Saxena was made the vehicle for false propaganda.

He is also one of the four who attacked Medha Patkar inside Sabarmati Ashram during a peace meeting following the 2002 riots in Gujarat. A case had to be filed by the government of Gujarat immediately after the fatal attack, witnessed by not less than 60-70 senior activists of Gujarat. The case is going on in the Ahmedabad magistrate’s court till date.

Mr. V. K. Saxena, present Chairman of Khadi and Village Industries Commission, is no doubt appointed to this post as a special favour by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. It is otherwise obvious that Adani’s enterprises have nothing to do with Khadi and village industries.

Mr. Saxena’s “famous” move from this post was going against the KVIC’s practice of publishing calendar with Gandhi’s face and replacing it with Mr Modi’s! Anyone therefore can guess Mr. Saxena’s bondages.

It is also to be noted that the fake paid advertisement was published by Mr. Saxena on behalf of his NGO in Gujarat is also under scrutiny since 1999-2000. It is before the same court that Mr. Saxena has filed this case about an interview on India TV also, since 2010. The only event that occurred yesterday was one of framing of charges which is normal procedure. Allegation is far from investigated or proved since the long legal proceedings are yet to take place.

The PTI report as usual is totally lopsided and without even a minimum investigation into the case as well the allegations. Your reputed daily having carried this news should not fall a prey to the tactics of the corporate prone politics which is all out today to defame, harass, or even arrest senior social activists or anyone who questions development paradigm or even the system itself.

– Himshi Singh and Rahul Yadav, Narmada Bachao Andolan

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