50 years ago, when the Sardar Sarovar Dam was conceived by the government of India on the river Narmada, there was little or no knowledge about the widespread ecological crisis that it would bring about and disrupt the lives of lakhs of people living on its banks, forests and valleys since thousands of years. Narmada Bachao Andolan has been on the forefront of the struggle of the people of the Narmada against forceful and unjust displacement. Once again, in the year 2017, the government is on a warpath to uproot people by increasing the height of the dam without giving compensation or rehabilitation.

Supreme Court of India to hear Narmada Bachao Andolan’s case on 8 August

The Chief Justice of India to hear Sardar Sarovar related cases
No Forcible displacement without full compliance with all orders by the Apex CourtBadwani, Madhya Pradesh | July 31, 2017: The Supreme Court today heard the serious concerns over massive displacement due to Sardar Sarovar. The SLP against the interim order of the High Court of MP contented that the R&R sites in MP don’t have all basic amenities and hence it’s impossible for thousands of families to shift to such sites. It is non compliance of the Supreme Court’s order dated 8.2.2017, since the packages for farmers are not paid to 50% and more families and instead of amenities, temporary resettlement of thousands into the tin sheds is what is planned. The cultural, religious sites and amenities are almost all in the original villages.The Writ Petition under article 32 was filed by the eminent persons including Justice Panachand Jain, Kuldip nayar, Aruna Roy, Hanan Mollah ji, Manoranjan Mohanti, Soumya Dutta and Annie Raja with Prayer to save all the displaced farmers to landless from both the petitions were today listed before the Justice R. Nariman and Justice S Kaul when the Bench forwarded it to the bench of Chief Justice whose order of February 8, 2017 is under reference.The Chief Justice then heard Senior Adv. Sanjay Parikh and Adv. Prashant Bhushan assisted by Adv. Clifton Rozario immediately, today itself. The CJI was told about the serious crisis and huge scale of displacement and impact on anywhere upto 40,000 families depending on floods.The Chief Justice of India then agreed to hear the cases, in spite of one Writ Petition pending before the High Court and fixed the dates of August 8th, 2017.

Narmada Bachao Andolan welcomes the openness shown by the Apex court that has taken cognizance of the serious issues and the situation that would lead to violation of Right to Life and bring the devastation of age old communities and their resources.

Narmada Bachao Andolan however, believes that the Government of India, Government of MP and Maharashtra has to immediately decide against any violence and brutal forcible eviction of a few lakh people. There should be no filling of reservoir with water to drain the life and livelihood.

The fast of Medha Patkar with 11 others is to continue for justice, non violence and democratic humane development. Gayatri bahen, Kadmaal, Vimla Bai, Khaparkheda, Dharmendra Kanhera, Khaparkheda, Bhagwati Bahen, Nisarpur, Manjula Bai, Nisarpur, Pushpa Bai, Nisarpur, Rameshwar Awalda, Bau, Awalda, Rukmani bai, Nisarpur, Chota Badda, Sevanti Bai, Chota Barda, all the representatives of various sections and categories of the displaced Sardar Sarovar affected are on fast with commitment to the cause and determination.

Narmada Bachao Andolan
Report of Central Water Commission Accepts Rehabilitation Sites Are Not Livable

Central Water Commission constituted 6 teams which during 8-9 June 2017 surveyed 15 rehabilitation sites. After filing RTI, report of only 1 team was received which surveyed 3 rehabilitation sites of Dharampuri Tehsil. In Dharampuri, Khujwa and Khalbujurg rehabilitation sites water disposal system, no electricity in streets, irregular drinking water supply and non-functional hand-pumps were found. According to CWC report,

1. Supply of water is irregular and insufficient. After talking to residents, it was revealed that water comes once in 3 days and that too for only one hour. Number of hand pumps are not sufficient and some don’t work at all, while some others give water which is not drinkable.

2. In Dharampuri and Khujwa, internal streets have no electricity. In Khalbujurg there is a connection but no electricity since last 5 years.

3. Not a single rehabilitation site has water disposal system. Water logging is common during rainy season.

4. School, health center, panchayat’s have not been built due to lack of land. Even if they are built, they are not functional. Children travel faraway to access schools. Some schools are functional in rehabilitaion sites.

Fifth day of indefinite fast, government sends medical team with 8 police vans

Project affected people blockaded the Rajghat Bridge and Kasravad Bridge in Badwani district on fifth day of the dharna. Kitchens remained shut across all homes in the affected areas as a mark of opposition to the disastrous project and in solidarity with the on-going indefinite fast in Chikalda.

Pic: Kafan Satyagrah

Yogendra Yadav and leading political personalities observe day-long at Jantar Mantar, Delhi 

Politician and academic Yogendra Yadav along with his organisation Swaraj India observed a day-long fast in solidarity with Narmada Bachao Andolan. Dr. Sunilam from Kisan Sangharsh Samiti, Rajendra Ravi, Bhupendra Singh Rawat, Madhuresh Kumar from NAPM, Ramchandran Ji from CPI(M), environmentalist Soumya Dutta, P.C. Tiwari from Uttarakhand Parivartan Party and AAP MLA Pushkar Pankaj presented their views. MP Dharmvir Gandhi and Raju Shetty also visited and extended their support.

Solidarity Programmes Across the country
Indore, Madhya Pradesh, demonstration by Narmada Samarthak Samuh, Pune; Maharashtra, 12-hours fast and collective letter sent to Chief Justice, CM and other authorities; In Maharashtra, fasts across Mumbai, Satara, Nasik, Aurangabad, Dhule, Vardha, Sangli, Vang-Marathwari, Naded, Nagpur, Latur, Lavasa, Tarali, Kolhapur and Beed; Sitapur, Madhubani, Uttar Pradesh organisations protest; Chennai, Tamil Nadu Magasasay Award winner T.M. Krishnan along with environmentalist Nityanand Jayraman address the press with organisations like Puvulagin Nanbargal, Unorganised Workers Federation, Pennurimai Iakkam; Dadar, Mumbai, popular protest; Gardnibag, Patna, Bihar demonstration by people’s organisations.
Date of Newsletter Release: 1 August 2017
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