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Narmada Oustees protested imposition of National Security Act in M.P.

See it as the violation of their democratic rights

Badwani | 28th June: The Sardar Sarovar Affected people from Dhar and Badwani districts representing about 70 villages reached Dhar in large number, yesterday (i.e. on 27.06.2017).

Around 700 women and men, took out a rally from Dhar Lake to Collector’s office holding chowk meetings on the way. Oustees-Swapna Kanera, Devram Bhai and others addressed the people of Dhar, informing them about the undemocratic brutal eviction of big and small villages planned with the intention of using force to evacuate villages while the government officials and GRA are not ready to implement the SC order on Rehabilitation aspects such as payment of the New package of 60/15 lakhs or completing the work on R&R sites.

The protesters gave a letter to the collector asking the true intention of the government and questioning the contempt of the court. They even burnt the copy of notification under the National Security Act that gives the freedom to the police to detain anyone raising their voice against the injustices on the basis of trying to maintain peace in the region. The dates of the notification are exactly those of the time when water will start gushing into the villages. The SDM received the letter because the collector had gone to Bhopal and gave it in written that the collector will give a written answer to all their questions in 3 days.

The villagers told about their plight to the SDM. They ended the rally with singing motivational songs to stay strong in such difficult times.

A copy of the letter and the Notification is attached herewith.

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