“Drowning a Valley: Destroying a Civilization, Report from Sardar Sarovar Project Areas in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarar, Report of the Fact Finding Team’s visit to the Sardar Sarovar Project Submergence Areas on 9th-10th May, 2015” is based on field visits by an internationally acclaimed hydrologist, environmentalist, a senior parliamentarian and certain senior members of various political parties to the SSP affected areas. The Fact Finding Team included Shri Hannan Mollah, Ms Annie Raja, Shri Vinay Bishwom, Dr. Sunilam, Prof, Raj Kachroo and Shri Soumya Dutta.

The Report pointed to an urgent need to complete R&R work in the project-affected villages before further submergence, established the illegality and falsity of the claims of reduced back water levels and recommended visit by a high level team to the valley.

Drowning a Valley – SSP Fact Finding Report – May 2015 (1) Annexures – Drowning a Valley – SSP Fact Finding Report – May, 2015