In 2007, the NBA filed an application before the High Court (HC) alleging various irregularities and corruptions committed in the process of Rehabilitation and Resettlement (R&R) of Project Affected Persons (PAP) and Project Affected Families (PAF) while implementing the Sardar Sarovar Project in the State of Madhya Pradesh (MP).

In 2008, the HC of MP ordered the appointment of a commission to go into these alleged irregularities and corruptions.

The MP Government did not challenged the appointment of the Justice SS Jha Commission. However, when the report of the commission was ready, it demanded that it should be first hand over the report.

That demand was rejected by the HC on 16 February 2016. The HC  ordered the report to be handed over to all the parties, including the NBA.

On 19.02.2016, the MP Government disputed the HC order before the Supreme Court (SC), blocking the transmission of the report to the parties.

The hearing took place on 30 March before the Supreme Court which ordered the HC not to open the Jha commission report and to hand over the report to the state government only within 10 days. It directed MP Government to initiate action on the report and submit an action-taken to it within 6 weeks.


Important Orders of the High Court of Madhya Pradesh


WP_14765_2007_Order_12-Nov-2009 WP_14765_2007_Order_06-Jan-2015 WP_14765_2007_Order_16-Feb-2016

Order of Supreme Court of India

O-5 (Order dt 11-05-2009)



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