updates on Jeevanshala schools in Narmada valley

  • Jeevanshalas today

    Jeevanshalas today

      Currently, we have 9 residential Jeevanshalas (7 in Maharashtra and 2 in M.P.), providing primary level education. Only one of these schools is in a Rehabilitation Colony and is […]

  • Jeevanshala – The ‘Life Schools’

    Jeevanshala – The ‘Life Schools’

    The first Narmada Jeevanshalas started in two villages on the banks of the Narmada River in 1991-92. Attempts to pressurize the government to provide functional schools in place of those […]

  • Narmada Nav Nirman Abhiyan (NNNA)

    Narmada Nav Nirman Abhiyan (NNNA)

    Narmada Nav Nirman Abhiyan is a Trust, registered in Mumbai (India). The Trust is concentrating its activities on providing primary school level education to those adivasi children who hail from […]