UPDATE ON BHOPAL ACTION                                                                         


* Bhopal Action on Narmada: 3-days Fast ends with a Pledge

* Narmada Bachao-Desh Banao Yatra and Jal Satyagraha declared

* Madhya Pradesh CM and CS avoids Dialogue


The three days Collective Warning Fast (Samuhik Chetavani Upwas) at Bhopal is over. It did draw attention of the State and society (to the extent possible) towards the crisis and corruption in Sardar Sarovar Project. The 35 women, men including the elderly adivasis who went on 3 days continuous fast with students interns and activists, gained strength by raising a voice against utter injustice and challenging the governments of M.P., Maharashtra, Gujarat and the Union. Others joined them on relay fast in batches, making the atmosphere at the place of agitation, serene yet intense. All those who have fought for last 30 years, are again on a renewed mode of struggle since the judiciary too is being buffed by the State; filing false data and affidavits and not complying with orders.


Neither Shivraj Singh Chauhan nor the Chief Secretary of M.P. could spare a minute for NBA’s delegation, even to receive the memorandum. Present CM, M.P. has never initiated nor responded to any non-violent people’s struggle for a dialogue. He avoids it sending deceptive messages through police officials that he or Chief Secretary would be available, around such and such time, to make people await and ultimately either disappear or conveys non-availability. Yesterday too, it was the same experience and we too, didn’t beg.


The 3 days agitation being an action to warn the governments against closure of Sardar Sarovar Dam gates and flooding of densely populated villages as well as suppressing the Justice Jha Commission Report on massive corruption in Rehabilitation.


Before ending the fast, supporters including Shri Jaswinder Singh of Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Sabha, Shri. Balram Yadav and others of Swaraj Abhiyan, Rajkumar Sinha of Bargi Bandh Visthapit Sangh, Dr. Narayan and others of Kisan Sangharsh Samiti and Yogesh Diwan of Janpahal spoke to the andolankaris and boosted their spirit recognizing the contribution towards struggles on development issues, made by the NBA. Jaswinder Singh condemned the Modi-Shivraj Singh government for its anti-farmer position upholding people’s movements as the way out of present political stalemate.


Dr. Narayan stressed a need for stronger alliance among the movements of all downtrodden and toilers. Ashish bhai of AISF and Anubhuti, a research scholar from JNU brought out the genuinety of students’ movements in the universities, as against a deliberate instigation and divisive tactics by the fundamentalists. They expressed readiness on behalf of students to be a part of the national movements such as NBA. The NBA agitationists and supporters passed and sent a letter of solidarity to Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid, Anirban and others who are on indefinite fast against the repressive measures taken by the JNU authorities.


Bhopal Action ended after Bhagirath Dhankar from Village Chikalda, Kamla Yadav, Sanobar B. Mansoori, and Khemabai, Jobat Dam affected declared the future action plan and determination to fight.


They vowed to take a national tour in June to expose the undemocratic, unjust ways of Shivraj government, deliberate concealment of Report on corruption and Fake affidavits filed before the apex court. They also declared that unjustly imposed deluge would be challenged and faced through intensified ‘satyagraha’ this year. So let us know your suggestions regarding the future path to be taken, and any special contribution you will like to make from wherever you are or by coming to the Valley. Do be with us.

At the end of the Action all the people walked to the statue of Babasaheb Ambedkar where a pledge was taken to save the Narmada Valley, the river, life, and livelihood.


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