Agitating villagers’ skin starting to remove and blood shedding after continually standing in water in protest

People of Narmada valley ready to take on the challenge of submergence

Skin starting to remove and blood shedding of all those 36 villagers and Medha Patkar who are standing in water of Narmada river to protest the birthday celebration of Prime Minister Modi by inaugurating the construction of Sardar Sarovar Dam on the river when rehabilitation of lakhs of project affected people (villagers) remained to be done.

Jalsatyagrahis (mode of protest by standing in water) held a meeting earlier in the day today and decided to keep on standing in water until the level of water stop from rising. The raising of water level will submerge 192 villages and one township having 40,000 families. This may claim around 2 lakh lives.

A public meeting will be held tomorrow near the site of the Jalsatyagrah in Chhota Barda, one of the 192 affected villages in Badwani district of Madhya Pradesh will take place. In this meeting the oustees of Sardar Sarova Dam will berate the celebration of Prime Minister’s birthday celebration by risking the lives of lakhs of people.

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